Let’s bring digital signage to the next level with biometrics.

Crowd and emotions recognition

Gather valuable insights about your audience through the intelligent and automatic perception of their non-verbal behavior.

Detect gender, age, ethnicity, and emotions (happiness, sadness, disgust, surprise, fear & anger) to learn more about your folks and their needs.

Adapt your content in real-time for a more effective and useful communication to the environment’s audience.

Collect anonymous data and improve your shopping experience while respecting the privacy of your folks.

Quest Media - Image - Reconnaissance faciale - SXSW17

Automatic media pairing

The content you push in the platform can be tagged on the fly with custom tags or from pre-defined ones. Media tagging will allow you to set your display in some clicks.

If you are using the biometric functionality, and gathering the crowd and emotions data, media tagging will bring a smart layer to your efforts.

The platform will automatically pair the media to who is actually evolving in the environment and change what is displayed in real-time.

No human intervention needed.

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