Your venue is unique, make it part of the customer experience.

Enhance the guest experiences in your venues thanks to digital signage in offering a dynamic and interactive crossroads of two-ways communication between you and the guest.

Foster interactions by giving them a voice and an additional way for yourself to communicate real-time information.

Venues Airport Screen
Transporation Airport Screen LAX

Offer a unique platform to all the stakeholders of your venues, whether partners, sponsors, tenants, businesses in order to create a lively ecosystem which benefits to all.

Add an unprecedented touchpoint for premium interactions and opportunities to create extra revenues with promotion.

People are more receptive to advertising in public places and more affected by dynamic ones.

Venue Event CFA screen
Corporate Desjardins Bank Screens

Furnish to your security team a supplementary tool for targeted prevention and enhance crowd control through general announcements and security guidance in the event of a crisis.

What type of content to present

  • Schedules & contextual information
  • Sponsors messages & advertisements
  • Directions / Wayfinding
  • Video
  • Social Feed & UGC
  • Live APIs: Uber, Lyft, Public Transit, Weather
  • Emergency alerts & security
  • Venue Collisioninside Schedule Screen
  • Venue Event CFA screen
  • Transporation Airport Screen LAX
  • Venues Airport Screen
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