Patients live emotional journeys. Support them. But don’t forget your staff.

Facilitate the experience in the medical environment by avoiding bottlenecks and frustrations with a better traffic flow.

Use digital signage to direct the patients or visitors efficiently around the hospital and spare time to hospital staff from responding to obvious and popular questions.

Healthcare Hospital Lobby

Turn wait times into useful moments.

Use digital signage to ease their time in waiting areas by keeping patients and visitors informed and entertained with targeted medical messages, institution community news, or additional products and services.

Use latest technology to show to your patients and visitors that their health is essential to you.

Crowd and emotions recognition technology let you display tailored informative messages or interactive experiences for all ages, specific to the persons in the environment.

Healthcare Hospital Wall

In case of emergency or medical support needed in a determined department, you are able to quickly display emergency information.

Ease the work of your security team or even your staff management team.

Keep your medical staff and employees engaged and connected in an interactive manner.

It’s key to their success and their productivity.

Everyone is winning.

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What type of content to present

  • Floor plans and departments
  • Tailored health information
  • Hospital community information
  • Fundraising & donators
  • Announcements & highlights
  • Employees and UGC social media content

  • Real-time data (weather, RSS feeds, API, etc.)
  • Frequent Q&As
  • Emergency alerts
  • Jobs opportunities, training and careers advancements
  • Internal notices, new laws, regulations and practices
  • Healthcare - Industries - Image - Site web - Questology - 3
  • Healthcare Hospital Corridor
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