Social media is for real and users are creating a lot of content. And your own marketing team does too. Make it matter!

Power to the people

The Quest platform lets you aggregate your favorite social network user-generated content (UGC) thanks to advanced stream options that create folders of content.

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we got your back. Plug direct accounts from those social networks and let the content flows into your media library.

Want to get more of what people are talking about? Easily add hashtags in order to stay in the conversation. Bring a part of this always going on online conversation into your offline environments.

Event Phone Filming
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Your own social media

Some of your fans are not on social media? Or they would prefer to not share what they are doing with their million fans?

We got you covered with our private social network allowing everybody to publish and participate in the conversation from any connected device.

Ideal for private events or marketing activations, we allow you to create and display an intimate conversation on-site.

Smart filtering

The Quest platform is equipped with a smart filters system which lets you find the social content relevant to your brand, products or events. They can be a simple or complex combination of rules whatever fit your needs. Set them and forget them!

Facilitate the work of your team to manage UGC and only keep the best. Make it a company asset that can be used at the heart of your display experiences.

For your peace of mind, automatically exclude content that you don’t want to see popping in front of everyone’s eyes in your experiences. Benefit from advanced spam & undesirable blocking features. Create blacklist folders of words, users & rules and apply them to any touchpoint.

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Monitor, converse and manage

If smart filters are note enough, your team can take the relay. Get unprecedented moderation ability with a simple user interface that performs well from any device. Curate the content yourself by choosing and approving every media displayed. Restrain undesirable content, detractors or robots from harming your image.

Follow what people are sharing and saying in order to identify your brand ambassadors and the influencers resonating with your audience. Step into the conversation and engage meaningfully with them.

The platform offers you a way to communicate directly with your fans and receive express approval from them so that their content can be featured in marketing or commercial efforts. This feature allows you to keep a record of what have been said and agreed, in case of. Your legal department is going to love you even more.


Quest platform brings you rich social media analytics. From the posts with the most traction to the top words used in a campaign, you get the data to make better-informed decisions.

We put at your disposal a variety of visual tools which will help you bring your data to life. Words clouds, hashtags clouds, heat maps, social hubs. Display data and trends highlights about your campaign and discover new fans tribes & influencers.

Tailor your campaign strategy to the most popular social network & focus your resources on nurturing best-fitted interactions.

Capture the buzz surrounding your event or brand, ask your fans to vote with hashtags, add participation incentive. Social contests, hashtag polls, and fan voting are great ways to engage fans and spur on new social activity.

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