You have your teams and visitor’s attention. Use it wisely.

Inform your employees by adding digital signage to your internal communications arsenal.

Keep them informed on what is going on at the company and the current developments, but also on what is happening with the industry and the competitors.

Corporate Office Lobby Screen

Inspire action by reminding them what is the big picture and for what they are working for.

Employees are eager to develop their sense of belonging to their company.

By highlighting top performances and putting forward employees’ recognition, you will foster engagement and drive productivity.

Also, play the transparency card, it is always positive.

Entertain your workforce in order to create a strong work culture in your offices or your multiples locations.

By making some room for social media in your communications, you are cultivating morale and engagement and gaining some company exposure.

Corporate Bank Office Screen

Upgrade your lobby space and the visiting clients experience during their time in your offices with some dynamic and useful information.

What type of content to present

  • Employee recognition, achievements & performance
  • Upcoming internal events
  • Internal and external social feed, hashtag walls & UGC
  • Important messages
  • RSS Feeds (business, international, sports, tech, humor, finance news)
  • Polls
  • Shared calendar
  • Custom interactive dashboards
  • Directions / Wayfinding for visitors
  • Emergency information & Alerts
  • Corporate Office Screen Welcome
  • Corporate Bank Office Screen
  • Corporate Office Screen Emergency
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