Interactive digital displays ecosystems that transform your environments & bring value to your organization, consumers, employees & fans.

Any media

The Quest platform is able to integrate a variety of media and sources of content as. Build experiences on your screens that reflect you.

Let’s build together unique experiences which will represent you and will be appealing to the persons evolving in your environments.

Possibilities are ranging from simple design to unique dashboards and solutions which convey a powerful flow of information.

Quest Media - Image - Any medias

APIs & other data feeds

Weather, Time, Live news
Public transit, Uber, Lyft, etc.
Company / events data
Stock exchange, RSS
Partners Data (ex. Salesforces)
Security systems
Custom development

Social Media

Social feeds & analytics
#hashtags Aggregation
Instagram / Twitter Activities
@Influencers analysis
#Contest, activation, promo
Top people, words, hashtags, posts, timings, subjects, etc.


Multimedia content
Interactive content
Corporate information
HR & Team building
Digital experiences
Custom development

Media tagging and pairing for smart scheduling

Settings complex playlists of content can be time-consuming for your marketing team or store manager. Save time and control precisely what is displayed on each of your screens thanks to our efficient tagging and pairing method.

Tag your content and touchpoints on the fly, with custom tags or from pre-defined ones, then Quest’s technology will smooth your playlist building based on tags and parameters you have defined.

Your displays can now easily evolve from minutes to minutes on every touchpoint altogether or individually.

At any time, you can have a manual control on your scheduled content and ensure yourself that you target according to your ad-hoc needs or your audience knowledge.

Or, if you are using the biometric functionality lets the platform adapts in real-time the content displayed according to your environment for an optimized experience.

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All types of devices

From small screens to jumbotrons, deploy your experiences in a matter of seconds on any types of devices.

We will help you develop experiences that shine on the hardware that you already own.

If you are not equipped yet or you are looking for an ad-hoc solution, discover our interactive plug-n-play turnkey products.


With a cloud-based platform, no string attached to a device.

From one device to hundreds, you can manage as many experiences as you want from the platform.

Your software will always be up-to-date with our constant improvements and with no maintenance to do on your side.

We keep you up with the latest technologies and our innovations.

Quest Media - Banniere - Social Management - iPad - iPhone - Mac
Monitor on the fly - Questology

Control on-the-go

The Quest platform was designed for mobile use.

Responsive, Quest works well on mobile to give you ultimate control when you’re on-sight or on the go.

You can add streams and content directly from your mobile devices and start curating the content from there.

Safe Security Mode

Create a safer environment through digital signage.

In cases of emergency situations, add an extra tool to your arsenal to ensure the safety of all and empower your security team.

Craft your custom emergency alerts system to any situation.

Activate it in a flash and override the ongoing display. Ease crisis management by efficiently direct the crowd.

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